Accessible Web Development

When Should You Book My Web Development Services?

You are building a web-based product or a website, and you need a developer to

  • implement it from scratch with accessibility in mind
  • lead and guide your team with accessibility as a priority
  • technically bootstrap a project with an accessibility-first approach

How can I help you with Web Development

I have a lot of experience in both team setups based on a variation of agile methodologies and working independently on software projects for clients. If you are at the beginning of a project, I can help choose technologies and tools. While using modern web technologies, I always value the use of solid web standards. I also enjoy collaboration tools like GitHub, GitLab, Jira, Trello, Slack, Miro etc.

You can book a short one-on-one call to find out how I can help you. Also, feel free to get in touch via my other contact channels.