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At A11y Up, I'm here to guide you with digital accessibility for your projects. With inclusion, intersectionality, and a touch of creativity, I aim to make accessibility tangible and understandable. Whether you're an individual or a part of a larger team, here you'll find tailored solutions that fit your needs without stretching your budget.

Do you need help with the upcoming mandatory accessibility in digital products starting in 2025? Then book a free initial call with me.

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Accessibility Services

I offer different services to help you with your digital accessibility needs. You can book them individually or in combination.

Previous Clients

I had the opportunity to help many clients with their digital accessibility and web development needs. Here's what they had to say:

I highly recommend Taner, he is a true expert when it comes to accessibility! He helped SPRIND to make the website accessible, not only by knowing what needs to be done, but as well, by guiding us, how to do so, and helping us execute. Working with Taner is a pleasure, as he takes over responsibility, is very responsive and makes sure he communicates in a way, his clients understand. Beyond his knowledge and work ethics he is a nice person to work with! I am looking forward to working with Taner again!

Porträt von Katja Speck Katja Speck - SPRIND

A selection of previous clients for accessibility and front-end development services include:

A11y Up Blog

I sometimes write articles, case studies and research on accessibility and adjacent areas. Most articles are written in English, with occasional German articles.

Public Work

Some of my public work:

  • I contributed to the app to find wheelchair-accessible places. I was mainly responsible for making the app itself as accessible as possible.
  • Digital Accessibility Guideline : Published a guideline for digital accessibility (in German) for the Bertelsmann Foundation.
  • Talk: Video Games & Accessibility : An introductory talk about accessibility in video games at the Accessibility Meetup Berlin.


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