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Twitch Tools

In order to give back to the community and also encourage everyone to do more DIY and get in touch with coding, I built a few Twitch tools that I personally use on my stream. They are free to use and adapt for everyone and are available through Glitch and GitHub.

Twitch Chat Overlay

A chat overlay base for Twitch that displays pronouns via the Twitch chat pronouns service and supports two different modes (chat box and chat strip mode).

Twitch Chat Overlay on GlitchTwitch Chat Overlay on GitHub

Twitch Content Warning Command

A browser-based chatbot that adds a content warning command (!cw) to your Twitch chat, that responds with the URL to the currently played game.

Twitch Content Warning Command on GlitchTwitch Content Warning Command on GitHub

Twitch Polls

A browser-based polling tool that allows for poll creation and voting via Twitch chat. Especially useful when you are non-affiliate on Twitch and don't have access to Twitch's own polling tool.

Twitch Polls on GlitchTwitch Polls on GitHub


Hi y'all, my name is Taner. A11y Up is a project, where I do research, education and coding somewhere at the intersection of accessibility, video games and content creation.

When I don't work on A11y Up, I help clients on making their products more accessible. If you need any help with accessibility in your products...

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