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Ich schreibe von Zeit zu Zeit Artikel, Fallstudien und Recherchen zur Barrierefreiheit und angrenzenden Gebieten. Die meisten der Artikel sind in Englisch verfasst, mit ein paar wenigen Ausnahmen auf Deutsch.

  • Discord: Accessibility in Web Apps Done Right

    11. April 2022

    While the video game industry is steadily moving forward in terms of accessibility, how about one of the most popular gaming-related apps: Discord. I did a quick check for Discord's accessibility.

  • An Accessibility Check of the Epic Games Store

    25. Januar 2022

    Compared to Valve's Steam store, the Epic Games Store is a far younger product. And that shows. A quick skim through some accessibility aspects reveals positive results.

  • Genderinklusive Sprache & Barrierefreiheit

    21. April 2021

    Wenn das Gendersternchen und andere Formen genderinklusiver Sprache abgelehnt werden, wird oft auch mit Barrierefreiheit argumentiert. Welche Screenreader funktionieren mit welchen Formen genderinklusiver Sprache und was folgt daraus?

  • Why The Last of Us: Part II's Accessibility Is a Big Deal

    18. Juni 2020

    The hype about The Last of Us: Part II is real. Not only because the first part set a milestone in storytelling in video games, and the sequel seems to follow this path. But it also sets a new bar for accessibility in video games.

  • Steam: An Accessibility Nightmare

    15. Juni 2020

    While there is a clear trend toward accessibility in gaming, it is also key that the tools around games are accessible. So I started by taking a look at Valve's Steam store and client.

  • How I Look at Accessibility Work

    20. Mai 2020

    How my raised awareness for minority and underrepresented groups and being part of one shaped my thoughts on accessibility.

  • Options to the People

    18. April 2020

    Video games are paradoxical in terms of accessibility. They are highly interactive, but at the same time, they provide lots of options to customize how a game plays.

  • Accessibility in Video Games

    16. April 2020

    Coming from the field of web accessibility, I had to relearn and revisit accessibility when looking at video games.